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My name is Karla Fe Duque and I am a Social Media Advocate for The M.A.E.G. Movement and The Campaign to FREE Nicholas Zimmerman. I am aggressively advocating for the release of Mr. Zimmerman and in doing so I am marketing, promoting and selling his products in order to generate funds and awareness to overturn his wrongful conviction. I ask that you listen to his podcast, view the evidence in his case, watch his videos, read his books and literature and purchase his products as 80% of the proceeds are donated to his Legal Defense Fund. I thank you for any support you can provide us on this matter and if you need any further assistance regarding the information on this page please feel free to use the "CONTACT US" button above.


Karla Fe Duque

Wrongfully Convicted Prisoner, Nicholas Zimmerman, has spent the last 20 years in prison (15 of which in solitary confinement) for a crime he did not commit. Zimmerman has started a new podcast show ( from his prison cell at Attica Correctional Facility) and in his most gripping recording, Nicholas describes in step by step detail how Queens County Assistant District Attorney, Leigh Bishop and Supreme Court Judge Roger R. Rosengarten set him up with a crime he obviously did not commit! The issues in this case are compelling (and disturbing ) to say the least. You gotta listen to this Podcast and Share/Promote it as much as possible to help get Nicholas out of prison now! Listen to it by CLICKING HERE

Wrongfully Convicted Prisoner, Nicholas Zimmerman (a.k.a “The Honorable Black Entrepreneur”) has been incarcerated for 20 years ( 15 of which in solitary confinement) for a crime he obviously did not commit and now he is being held in prison 7 years past his Legal Maximum Release Date by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. Please visit his website by CLICKING HERE to sign his petition, donate, invest and learn more about his case. Please comment, like, share and repost to help spread the word. Thanks for your support! #FREENicholasZimmerman #FREEPuzzPacino #FREEPuzzPacinoTour #TheMAEGMOVEMENT #BlackLivesMatter #BlackPrisonersLivesMatter #InnocentPrisoner #WronfullyConvictedPrisoner #ActualInnocence #WrongfulConvictions #WrongfullyConvicted

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Read My Side of The Story for FREE: CLICK HERE

In 2001, Puzz Pacino released his independent Hip-Hop and R&B Compilation Album entitled New York’s Illest. The album garnered major attention and acclaim in the New York music scene and Puzz Pacino was in the process of signing a multi-million dollar distribution deal with a major record label when he was arrested and convicted in 2001 for a crime he did not commit. The team at Madison Avenue Entertainment Group is now re-releasing the album to the public to raise money and awareness about Puzz Pacino’s case such that we can overturn his wrongful conviction. Please show your support for the movement to FREE Puzz Pacino by streaming and/or downloading a copy of the album by CLICKING HERE
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M.A.C.C. Clothing & Apparel was created by Nicholas Zimmerman (a.k.a. “The Honorable Black Entrepreneur”), an innocent prisoner  currently serving  time  in an Upstate New York Prison for a crime he did not commit. All logos, designs and clothing styles were produced by Mr. Zimmerman and manufactured by the Product Development Team at M.adison A.venue  C.lothing C.ompany. Please help us bring Nicholas home by purchasing a M.A.C.C. Product as 80% of the proceeds are donated to the FREE Nicholas Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund. (Learn more about Nicholas' case by CLICKING HERE) and, for a limited time, send us a screen shot wearing a M.A.C.C. product and we will feature you on and in our affiliate publication, KREAME Magazine!  View all M.A.C.C. Clothing by CLICKING HERE

Listen to M.A.E.G. Radio Now! CLICK HERE

Listen to Mr. Zimmerman explain the advertising rates for M.A.E.G. Radio: CLICK PLAY BUTTON BELOW




We are currently focusing our efforts on bringing attention to the wrongful conviction of Nicholas Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman is the C.E.O., President and Founder of Madison Avenue Entertainment Group (M.A.E.G). He created this company to gain public support for his case, as well as other cases of actual innocence. Below we post all the documents that we have that proves that he is innocent and wrongfully convicted in violation of his New York State and United States Constitutional Rights. We ask that you review the files to become more familiar with the facts of Nicholas’ case. If after reading the files you are convinced of Nicholas’ innocence, we ask that you do several things to help us obtain his release: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Learn more about H.O.T. M.A.M.A Modeling: CLICK HERE

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My Side Of The Story: The Investigation Part 1
My side of story
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Please Support Our Efforts To Bring Nicholas Zimmerman Home By Purchasing "My Side Of The Story - The Investigation- Part 1 $25.95

Read "The Writings on My Prison Walls" for FREE: CLICK BELOW

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Please Support Our Efforts To Bring Nicholas Zimmerman Home By Purchasing "The Writings On My Prison Walls" -$20.00

Read "Carter-Luv" for FREE: CLICK BELOW

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Please Support Our Efforts To Bring Nicholas Zimmerman Home By Purchasing "Carter-Luv" -$15.00

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