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Recalculate Nick's Sentence

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Nicholas Zimmerman has been in prison for ( 7 ) seven years past his legal maximum release date ! Please listen to his audio updates about his case, read his letter - motion to Diane Holford for immediate release, sign his color of change petition and contribute / invest in his fundraiser for his Legal Defense Campaign and earn 38% return on investment interest rates. We sincerely appreciate your support with our cause! See below for more details.

CRITICAL UPDATE! The Free Nicholas Zimmerman Campaign and The F.O.C.I.S. Movement has filed a motion in Cayuga Supreme Court, Queens Supreme Court and The United States Eastern District Federal Court requesting his Immediate Release!
Click Here to Read it Now! 

Nicholas Zimmerman Explains The Importance Of His Letter-Motion For Immediate Release And Request You Support His Campaign For FREEDOM!  (Click Play Below)

Nicholas Zimmerman Issues An Update On His Miscalculated Sentence

Read his letter-motion to Diane Holford & William Fitzpatrick requesting his immediate release from prison!!! (Click the PDF below)

Send an Email to Diane Holford and William Fitzpatrick in support of Nicholas Zimmerman's Release!!

Any questions, concerns, or opinions about Nicholas Zimmerman's letter can be sent to

Recalculating  Nicks Sentence.tiff

Read Nicholas' Habeas Petition currently filed in the courts

Sign The Petition to  Release Nicholas Zimmerman!

Nicholas Zimmerman and Madison Avenue Entertainment Group set out to dominate the entertainment industry (music, modeling, film, books, media) while empowering the incarcerated community (paralegal assistance, advocacy, visitor transportation, education and administrative services) while bringing about progressive change in the Criminal Justice System and the Department of Corrections. Listen to the Madison Avenue Entertainment Group Fundraising Proposal to learn how you can contribute, invest (and form a partnership with) The M.A.E.G. Movement and earn 38% return on investment interest rates! Play It Now to Learn More !

maeg fundraiser proposal

The M.A.E.G. Fundraiser Proposal

Support The M.A.E.G. Movement (Donate Now)

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