H.O.T. M.A.M.A Modeling


Madison Avenue Entertainment Group is pleased to announce a new sub-division of the company entitled H.O.T. M.A.M.A. Modeling and is currently seeking and interviewing aspiring models, actresses, video vixens, singers, dancers, etc… for the purposes of securing contracts with ambitious and enthusiastic models that are serious about pursuing their career in the billion dollar modeling profession. H.O.T M.A.M.A inquires to build a diverse roster of multi-cultural talent of all shapes and sizes, colors and backgrounds, in order to inject new and different type of beauty into the ever-changing industry. With a combined 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, our management team is confident that we can obtain placements for our models in big budget marketing campaigns for; music videos, print ads, commercials, billboards, social media promotions, radio, event hosting, etc… If you are interested in pursuing a contract with H.O.T. M.A.M.A a representative will contact you to discuss your application further. We look forward to expanding our list of clients and hopefully adding you to our roster at H.O.T M.A.M.A Modeling LLC.


  • The H.O.T. M.A.M.A. Modeling Application & Questionnaire