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( Because Prisoners Need Love Too! )
A Subsidiary of Madison Avenue Entertainment Group
P.O. Box 1625
Buffalo N.Y. 14215

Effective : Immediately!

Attention : Members of the Incarcerated Community
Subject : The Prisoner Gallery Announces The Launch of It's Prisoner's
Pen Pal Services
Reason : Now Accepting Applications

Dear : Members of The Incarcerated Community,

We are currently accepting members of the incarcerated community to become a part of our social media website located at We will only accept a limited amount of prisoners for this service, and after that, we will no longer accept applications, so it's important that you submit your profile application to us as soon as possible.

Currently, we have 16, 000 free world members and 500 incarcerated members. But we have access to over one billion people! Every time a new member joins our group, all of our existing members are notified immediately! This feature increases your chances of meeting a new friend on our website within the first week of becoming a member. Below you will find information about our service and how to use it effectively. We've created this service with the incarcerated community in mind, so welcome to our new movement:

WHO WE ARE? consists of college students from Syracuse University, New York University, Cornell University and Columbia University. We all, in some way, have been affected by the injustices that lie within our judicial system. In fact, one of our Consultants and a Director are currently incarcerated in a New York State prison. We understand what its like to be in prison and lonely. So, we have created a service to help prisoners and people in the free world get connected, and stay connected !


Fifty percent ( 50 % ) of the proceeds from ThePrisonerGallery are invested into another organization we are affiliated with called
THE F.O.C.I.S. MOVEMENT ( The Families Oppressed by the Criminal Injustice System. ) This organization is dedicated to educating the families and friends of the incarcerated. is only a steppingstone toward many different organizations we are creating that favor prisoners. However, the funding must come from somewhere? Therefore, when you set up a profile on ThePrisonerGallery you are also donating to our various organizations and contributing to the betterment of the prisoner population and their families.


Our ultimate goal is to connect prisoners with good people on the outside; people such as lawyers, advocates, paralegals, male and female companions, lost family members, etc..... We believe that if prisoners have good associations with the outside world, it will give them something to look forward to and strive toward, thus quelling much of the violence in prison. The more a prisoner stays busy, the less time he / she has to get into trouble. In the end, our program will not only help the prisoner, but help the entire prison population in general.


One of our services at allows an inmate to place a personal ad on three of the world's most popular social websites :, and Of course, the ad is also posted on Currently, Snapchat has more than 500 million friends online. Facebook has over a billion
and Instagram has another billion! These numbers are constantly increasing day by day and placing an ad with gives you access to all of these subscribers.


Along with your ad being placed on three different websites, you are allowed up to 750 words to describe yourself. Other companies usually only allow 250 - 500 words. You are also allowed up to five (5) pictures. Most companies only allow one (1) picture. And finally, one of our most competitive features that no other company offers prisoners is our " Unique Search " option. With Unique Search, we can locate all the girls and guys in your area (that are listed on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram) and send them a specially worded invite to become your friend and to email you. This will increase your chances of finding
someone nearby who is willing to visit you. Again, this option is only available at No other company offers this service!


Every profile will have a section entitled " About Me." In this section you will describe yourself in terms of your life's goals, interests, likes and dislikes, etc... Do not mention things such as your height, weight, age, religion or your location as you will be entering this info on your profile application and it will not count towards your 750 word limit. You are allowed up to 500 words in this section, so choose your words wisely!


Every profile will have a "Who I'd Like to Meet" section. In this section you will describe the type of person you are looking for such
as race, religion, etc..... You are allowed up to 250 words in this section.Try not to be to selective in your preferences because this narrows your search and you may eliminate a lot of potential friends in trying to find only a specific type of person.


Every profile is allowed up to five ( 5 ) photos / images. We will scan your photos / images into our database and return them to you without damage or if you already have photos online, we will locate them for you and post them to your page. If a person(s) other than the prisoner is included in the photo, we will only scan the prisoner's image. We can only post photos of YOU on your webpage. Promotion of any affiliation with gangs in your photo or ad is prohibited. retains the right to be selective. We are not responsible for photos that are lost in the mail, so if you want to be sure that your photos are returned to you, please enclose an extra $5.00 for Certified Mail shipping.


You will be given your own distinct website address. For example, if your name is James Smith, your website address will be or something close to that if someone already has this name. This feature allows people to type your website address into their PC's browser which will take them directly to your webpage. Without this personal website address, a search through thousands of prisoners’ names on a prisoner website will be required to find you. Again, only offers this service!


Our Unique Search option is one of the primary features we offer our clients. With Unique Search, our computers can locate people right in your area. For example, let’s say you are in Auburn Correctional Facility in Auburn N.Y. 13024. Our computers will perform a search to identify everyone on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat located in zip code area 13024. We will send an invitation of friendship, from you, to every name on the list. We will also email you a list of everyone who accepted your invitation and at that point you will be connected to them. Our computers can perform searches for any zip code, anywhere in the world! No other company offers this option.


We charge an initial $60.00 for the creation and posting of your ad. Included in that price is space for up to 750 words to describe
yourself and the type of person you want to meet, up to five ( 5 ) photos, your own distinct website address and one Unique Search in any zip code of your choosing. You can purchase additional zip code searches as well. Also, your ad is posted on four (4) websites :,, and This is all included in your first $60.00 and it reserves your ad on all sites for a full year! (There is an annual renewal fee of $40.00. )


More Searches:
Your first zip code search is free. Additional searches to find more friends are $10.00 each zip code.

More Photos:
Your first five ( 5 ) photos are free. Each additional photo is $5.00.

More Words:
Your first 750 words are free. Each additional 50 words is $5.00.


When you receive the images of your website, you will see pictures of the people who accepted you as their friends. If you would like to send an individual message to a specific person, each 50 words is $5.00. When the person responds to your message, we will forward the message to you free of charge! We will also encourage your correspondents to email you directly through jpay so you don't have to keep paying our messaging fees.



We have created a service that is separate and distinct from that of The Prisoner Gallery Service. This service is called " The Networker “, which is our most prominent service to date. It works like this : We create a one page (mini-profile) for you consisting of one ( 1 ) picture, 250 words, your address and a link to your profile on The Prisoner Gallery ( if you have a profile set up.) We then "beam" your mini-profile out to our network of followers, which consist of a diverse group of 125,000
supporters, activist, pen-pals, college students, doctors, lawyers, advocates, etc... Once they receive your profile that will be given the link to your jpay account to send you a direct email. Everyone on our supporter list has already signed an electronic disclaimer agreeing that they would like to accept emails from our incarcerated community members, so this increases your chances dramatically in finding someone to correspond with. In comparison to having a webpage on a website
consisting of thousands of prisoners and hoping someone finds you, the Networker Service sends your mini profile directly to the email accounts of all of our followers. Therefore, no one has to find you; they just open their email and there you are! It’s up to you to write a compelling 250 word ad that gets responses. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of this service, we can assure you that we have made some amazing connections on behalf of the incarcerated community. The fees for this

service is $25.00 per "beam", per profile. If you want to beam the same profile in the future, we charge $15.00 per "re-beam". If you make changes to the profile, or create a new mini-profile, you must pay the $25.00 fee again.

So that's all of the services that we have to offer for now, but we are constantly updating our catalog with more services that we think would be helpful to the incarcerated community. Therefore, you should check in with us once a year to get an updated brochure. We thank you for your interest in and look forward to serving you in the future.

Posha Jenson
Administrative Assistant For M.A.E.G.
518 - 400 – 0917



Please send us answers to the following questions:

1. What is your first and last name?
2. What is your New York State ID number?
3. What is the name of your facility?
4. What is your address, city, state, and zip code?
5. What is your cell location?
6. What is your conditional release date?
7. What is your parole date?
8. What is your Hometown?
9. What is your race?
10. What is your religion?
11. What is your date of birth?
12. Are you male or female?
13. Are you married or single?
14. Are you straight, gay or bi-sexual?
15. What is your eye color?
16. What is your hair color?
17. What is your date of incarceration?
18. What crime were you convicted of?
19. How many pictures are you posting on your page?
20. What is the total amount of funds you are sending us?
21. Have you sent us your 750 word ad?