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The M.A.C.C. Store

M.A.C.C. Clothing & Apparel was created by Nicholas Zimmerman (a.k.a. “The Honorable Black Entrepreneur”), an innocent prisoner  currently serving  time  in an Upstate New York Prison for a crime he did not commit. All logos, designs and clothing styles were produced by Mr. Zimmerman and manufacturer by the Product Development Team at M.adison A.venue  C.lothing C.ompany. Please help us bring Nicholas home by purchasing a M.A.C.C. Product as 80% of the proceeds are donated to the FREE Nicholas Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund. (Learn more at : www. and, for a limited time, send us a screen shot wearing a M.A.C.C. product and we will feature you on and in our affiliate publication, KREAME Magazine!

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