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Recent Changes In The Public's Perception Of Solitary Confinement (Zimmerman is Sentenced to 7-1/2 Years in Solitary Confinement For "Runing A Business")

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By Nicholas Zimmerman 


     I’ve been in Solitary Confinement since May 15th, 2003. Continuously. With no breaks. I know your time is limited so I’ll be sure to only fill you in on the important aspects of my situation, while keeping it brief and to the point. I only request that you take my letter seriously, and that you provide me with as much assistance and resources as you possibly can.


The Reasons For My Solitary Confinement:

     On May 15th, 2003, I was placed in Administrative Segregation under the guise of an “on-going investigation of an escape attempt at Sing Sing C.F.” I would remain in Ad-Seg until June of 2005 when, finally, disciplinary charges were lodged against me. In the interim, DOC’s, the Inspector General, the Westchester D.A., etc., were all holding major press conferences alleging to have overwhelming evidence of an escape attempt; however, they refused to file escape attempt charges against me?

     When the charges were finally filed, two years later, the D.A.’s office presented the Courts with absolutely no evidence that I attempted to escape from Sing Sing. While I was convicted of the charges, my conviction was based entirely on accomplice testimony, which was never corroborated by independent evidence, as required by C.P.L. 60.22. DOC’s, with all the evidence they claimed to have had, waited until after the trial to bring their disciplinary charges? But even then, I was found not guilty of attempted escape? I was, amazingly, found guilty of violating Rule 1.00, which states that a prisoner can be punished for being convicted of outside charges. Therefore, because I was convicted in court (which is something I have no control over), DOC’s sentenced me to ten years in Solitary Confinement. Through time cuts for good behavior, the sentence was reduced to approximately eight years. As it stands now, I am no longer in Solitary Confinement for the escape allegations, as that time has expired. However, DOC’s has now given me an additional seven years of solitary time for simply “running a business.” (DOC’s does not like the nature of my website, www.FREENicholasZimmerman. com, so they continuously set me up with disciplinary infractions. (For more on this subject, see

Recent Changes In The Public’s Perception Of Solitary


     Over the past year the media has paid an enormous amount of attention to the issue of Solitary Confinement. National and international media outlets have covered the subject, calling for an end to this “torturous abuse” (see Erica Goode, “Senators Start a Review of Solitary Confinement,” New York Times, June 20, 2012, senators-start-a-review-of-solitary-confinement; Adam Cohen, “It’s Time to End Solitary Confinement in U.S. Prisons,” Time Magazine, June 25, 2012, 06/25/its-time-to-end-solitary-confinement-in-US-prisons; Alysia Santo, “Legal Aid Sources, Monitoring Group Say New York Prisons Overuse ‘Box,’” Albany Times Union, August 13, 2012; Solitary Confinement Should be Banned in Most Cases, UN Expert Says,, October 18, 2011). The growing media coverage got the attention of Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, who held the first ever Congressional hearing on the subject. The movement to end Solitary Confinement has the support of both Republican and Democratic Committees.

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