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Hire Zimmerman


Nicholas Zimmerman (a.k.a. Black Entrepreneur) is a paralegal, activist, civil rights leader and social media strategist with almost twenty years of experience in advocating for the rights of prisoners, prison visitors, and people in free society. He has drafted more than sixty (60) legal briefs, appeals, motions, complaints, grievances and letters to the courts, judges, lawyers, congressman, reporters and public officials. Through lawsuits, petitions, protests and civil disobedience, he has managed to change several unconstitutional policies within the Department of Corrections and he played an integral role in exposing the overuse and abuse of solitary confinement, which ultimately lead to the end of long-term solitary in New York State! In between marketing and promoting his new website: and working on his third book Carter - Luv, he sets aside time to consult, assist, represent and advocate for those who may need his legal opinion and advice. If you are interested in hiring Mr. Zimmerman to consult you on your legal issue in exchange for a contribution or donation to his organization and you don't take issue with him being incarcerated, please send an email to his administrative assistant Posha Jenson at: and Ms. Jenson will start the process of evaluating your case for Mr. Zimmerman's review.

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