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High-Level Paying Position 2

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For your convenience, at the bottom of this digital flyer we have posted links that will take you directly to every document mentioned in this ad. Please utilize them to locate your specific file. For more info contact us at

High level payin 2.jpg

Building The Website For M.A.E.G. - Make $3,750 a month as a Typist, Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, Anchor Person, Research Analysis etc... See:



          The B.E.M.G Photo Publishing Contract Proposal – (Models make $2 million annually posing for the Black Entrepreneur Media Group. See:


         Brand Ambassadors Proposal- (Make $100,000 annually promoting and distributing M.A.E.G products in your region. See: 


 Who Cares If He is Innocent? -  Learn More about how I was sent to prison for a crime I did not commit.


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