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Requesting A Personal Administrative Assistant For Nicholas Zimmerman & Madison Avenue Entertainment Group

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Brand Ambassor's Proposal (Make $100,000 Annual By Becoming a Brand Ambassador For Madison Avenue Entertainment Group)

Attention: M.A.E.G. Brand Ambassador                                The M.A.E.G. Brand Ambassador’s Letter

Subject: Marketing & Promoting M.A.E.G.                            Effective May 2015

Products                                                                                   Available For Immediate Distribution

Reason: Hoping You Will Join Us?                                         To All Brand Ambassadors




 Dear M.A.E.G. Brand Ambassador,


                Thank you for your interest in becoming a Brand Ambassador for Madison Avenue Entertainment Group (herein: “B.A. for M.A.E.G.”). In becoming a B.A. for M.A.E.G. you will be handling marketing and promotion duties for the corporation, which will primarily consist of networking with bookstores, barber shops, beauty salons, clothing stores, colleges, churches, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. to carry M.A.E.G. products in their establishments. In return for your promotional assistance, you will be entitled to a percentage of all sales of all M.A.E.G. products. In addition, you will be credited as a Brand Ambassador on the M.A.E.G. website and the company’s promotional materials. If you are not familiar with the M.A.E.G. Movement, all its accomplishments, future goals and its mission statement; at the end of this writing I will list for you some literature that will bring you up to speed on what the movement is all about. For now, I will explain the Brand Ambassador department of M.A.E.G. and how you can become a part of it.




                Madison Avenue Entertainment Group has several products that are either ready for distribution or are in the process of being prepared for distribution. Currently available for immediate distribution is My Side of the Story – The Investigation – Part I, which is a biography written by author Kendra Lyneigh Hughes regarding my life, my case and how the government intentionally sent me to prison for a crime I didn’t commit. Next is my album entitled Puzz Pacino Presents: New Yorks Illest, which is a compilation CD that I executive produced before being sent to prison. We also have Madison Avenue Entertainment Group Announces Its Prisoners Services Department, which is the company catalog that explains all the services we provide to prisoners as well as people in the free world. The F.O.C.I.S. Magazine is a hard-hitting publication that exposes government corruption and the effect it has on lower-class families living in urban America. The Writings On My Prison Walls is a book that contains a collection of articles that were written by me, or about me; some of which were published in the New York Times, U.S.A. Today, etc. The M.A.E.G. Freelance Assistant Handbook is a directory that explains all the positions I am looking to fill at the company and how freelance agents can make money by working with the corporation. I am currently working on There’s Something About Attica and Clinton Dannemora, which are two books that will walk readers through my stay at both prisons. And, in addition to the above products, other M.A.E.G. artist and authors are currently working on new releases for the corporation. So, as you can see, The Movement Has Only Just Begun!




                The products currently being manufactured and distributed by M.A.E.G. are not your average products. Our books, magazines, literature, music, etc. tell the tales of the oppression, retaliation, degradation, and abuse that goes on behind the prison walls. Our stories will grip the reader in such a way that they will feel like they are living in the cell with us! Our aim, as prisoners, is to utilize our pens as weapons in the fight against injustice, instead of resorting to violence. From book cover to book cover, I can assure you that the content being produced by the prison-authors that are currently working with M.A.E.G. are some of the best in the world! Do not underestimate them or their work because they’re in prison; you would be making a grave mistake if you did!


                I can honestly tell you that I have never had a problem selling an M.A.E.G. product. The promotional materials that I produce to market the products are so controversial that the customer usually starts reaching for their wallets and purses before the B.A. completes their sales pitch. Desiray and Posha (the company’s first Brand Ambassadors) used to always tell me stories of how people would buy my book from them after reading (only) the front cover. The puzzled look on their face after reading that “In May 2003, four women broke into Sing Sing Correctional Facility to find Nicholas Zimmerman and help him escape” is always followed by the same question that everybody asks: “Is this really true?” By then, people are so intrigued that they don’t even wait for an answer to their questions; they just buy the book. I remember when we first started promoting the products; Posha sent me a letter in which she was kind of upset that the book was selling itself. “You made me spend hours practicing my sales pitch, for what? I don’t ever use it!” she wrote. Therefore, based on the feedback that I’m getting from the streets, I’m quite certain that you won’t have a problem selling M.A.E.G. products. So long as you’re willing to hit the streets and do some serious networking, you will do just fine.




                In becoming a M.A.E.G. Brand Ambassador, you will be given permission to represent M.A.E.G. products to retail outlets. You will be able to speak on behalf of the products, and the Brand, and set up consignment deals with local stores in your region and in other States. Keep in mind that you will become (in essence) a representative of the company, so it is important that you represent the company as if it were your own. Although it is not mandatory, we do suggest that you wear professional attire when visiting potential retailers. We also strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the material you’re promoting by reading everything thoroughly, so just in case a retailer asks you a question about a product you can answer them without delay. Being well read on the material will also boost your confidence in convincing a store owner to carry our products. You are an Ambassador for M.A.E.G., so the more you know about the company, the Brand and its products, the better!




                The main position associated with becoming a B.A. for M.A.E.G. is the aspect of networking with retail outlets in your region. Because of the uniqueness of M.A.E.G. products, I do believe that they can be sold in any type of retail establishment. Whether it be a church or a gas station, a college or a grocery store; I am confident that our products will do well so long as the store has some type of traffic. What I am asking you to do is visit any and all stores in your area or region and speak with the manager/owner of the store about carrying our products in their establishment. I really don’t anticipate you having any problems in getting a store owner to carry our products, as the sales of the products will only generate more money for their business. You only have to get out there and explain the basis of our products to them and how it would be lucrative for their store. As women are the biggest consumers of products (especially books!), our main retail targets should be beauty salons, beauty supply stores, women’s clothing and shoe stores, nail salons, followed by colleges, libraries, nightclubs, bookstores, malls, barbershops, laundromats, etc. We want to get our products in as many retail outlets as possible, so the more you network, the better!




                In networking with retailers, you (may) have to do a little convincing in getting them to carry our products. This is especially so with chain-stores and franchise outlets. Therefore, I have come up with some key pointers that I would like you to explain to them while delivering your pitch. They are as follows:


·         They will receive all products on consignment, so they don’t have to invest any upfront money in obtaining the products. We will leave all products with store owners and only collect payment as the products sell. If for some reason the product doesn’t sell, they can simply return it to us. Thus, there is no financial risk involved.


·         They get a percentage of all sales of all products (See Breakdown Chart)


·         This is all part of a good cause in helping prisoners sell their products and get their message heard.


·         Carrying our products may attract new customers to their store. People who may not have visited their store in the past may now start to do so in search of the latest M.A.E.G. release.


·         The stores address and location will be placed on all of our promotional flyers, posters, advertisements, etc., which will only bring more customers to the store.




                Below I will breakdown the commissions I am able to pay you per product sold. As you will see, in the column that says “Your Commission” you will receive $10.00 per copy sold of My Side of the Story. However, from your $10.00 commission, you must allocate a percentage to the retail store for carrying and helping us sell our product. Therefore, in the column that says “Suggested Retailer Commission”, I am listing the percentage that (I feel) you should give the retailer out of your $10.00 payment; which is $7.00 per copy sold of My Side of the Story. Initially, my pricing system might seem unfair, but allow me to explain why my percentages make a lot more sense on the backend.


                The object of distribution is to get into as many retail outlets as possible! The more outlets you get into, the more money you will make, even if you’re only making $3 or $4 per product sold. For instance, if you were to get 10 stores in your neighborhood to carry My Side of the Story, and if each store were to only sell 10 copies a week, at a commission rate of $3 per book sold, you would still make $300.00 a week (and that's in a worst case scenario). I am quite certain we will be selling a lot more than 10 copies a week; at least 25-30 copies sold per week is a more reasonable expectation. And keep in mind, that $300 only reflects sales of My Side of the Story. It does not include the sales of all the rest of the products we have to offer. The way I see it, if you can get us in at least 20 high traffic stores (or 30 low traffic stores) at an average rate of $5.00 per product sold, you can expect to make about $2,000 a week. But you have to make the retailers happy and offer them the highest percentage possible. Check out the fees on my Breakdown chart:


Name of Product                Customer Price                          Your Commision


Your Commission

Suggested Retailer Commission

My Side of the Story




New York’s Illest




F.O.C.I.S. Magazine




Something About Attica




Clinton Dannemora








The Writings On My Prison Walls




M.A.E.G. Announces Its Prisoners Services Department




M.A.E.G. Freelance Assistant Handbook




So as you see, I am suggesting that you give the retail outlet $7.00 out of your $10.00 commission, but again, this is only a “suggestion”. Whatever percentage you ultimately agree upon with the retailer is up to you, but I strongly assert that you should make the retailer a deal they can’t refuse. The more money they make per product sold, the harder they will push/promote the product in their stores. And although you are only making $3-$5 in commission fees, you are gaining percentages from everything sold, in every store! Thus, you will be bringing home thousands per week. The most important thing here is networking, getting out there and making connections and building relationships with retailers. If you can do that, you’ll be all right!




                It is important that we make networking as easy as possible for you. Therefore, I anticipate that the only contact you would have to make with the retailer is the initial meeting of introducing the products to them. From that point on, everything can be done electronically. For instance, once the retailer sells all the products, the payment can be sent to you through PayPal. Once you’re in receipt of the payment, you will be able to upload a new order to our manufacture’s website to have a new batch of products sent to them. Utilizing this method of distribution will make it convenient for all parties to obtain products. The only other time you’ll be required to visit the retail outlet is for your quarterly “stop in” in which you will basically stop by just to say “Hello,” get updates on what customers are saying about our products, drop off new promotional materials, listen to any complaints the store owners have, etc. Other than that, all contact with store owners can be through phone or email.




                Simply placing our products on store shelves and counters will not be enough to get the customers attention. Instead, our promotional materials must be visible throughout the store so that customers can get the full display of our marketing strategies. In order to do this, I need you to ask the store owner to allow you to place our big 24x36 size posters in the windows and on the walls of their stores. We also have 16x24 size posters for stores with limited space.


                In total, there should be at least two big posters and/or four little posters posted throughout the store. In addition, at least 100 of our 4x6 postcards should be on the shelves and counters of the stores next to our products. In doing so, you will ensure that whenever the customer moves throughout the store, they will see something related to the movement. If possible, it would also be helpful to place posters outside of the store; perhaps on a pole or streetlight so more customers can see the sign as they walk or drive by. One thing I should point out to you, however. It is important that you post the posters on the walls in the stores, on the poles, etc. because in my experience in dealing with store owners, they will often say that they will “put the posters up later,” but because they are so busy, they often forget to do it. So, because these posters are the most important aspect of our marketing campaign, and since without their visibility we probably won’t sell any products, I am asking that you ask the store owner to allow you to post the products and promotional materials.




There are other Brand Ambassador duties that I would like to present to you. I understand that not all Brand Ambassadors will be in a position to handle these tasks, so these duties are optional to all those who are interested. They are as follows:


·         Distributors and One Stops: These are the big boys of the distribution game and they buy products by the hundreds and resell them to stores. If you are interested, I can show you how to find all of these distributors online and pitch our products to them by simply sending everybody one email.


·         Kiosks and Vendors: I have plans to open up some kiosks in local malls and to obtain vendors licenses that will allow Brand Ambassadors to sell M.A.E.G. products from street tables. Let me know if you would be willing to handle this?


·         Night Clubs and Events: In the future, I want to rent booths at nightclubs, conventions, tours, colleges, book shows, and other events to sell our products. What do you think?




                So I have given you my plans and expectations for the Brand Ambassadors position. If you’re interested in anything I said, you can contact me by utilizing the mailing info on the bottom of this page. If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, be sure to raise them in your letter; I am always willing to listen. If you’re ready to get started, I will make arrangements to have a small supply of all of our products and promotional materials sent to you to get started, and as we progress, I will increase the quantities supplied to you. In conclusion, I can assure you that the Brand Ambassador position has the potential of netting you a minimum of $100,000 annually. If you’re serious about the position, then I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.




Nicholas Zimmerman

        Wende Correctional Facility

      P.O. Box 1187
                Alden, NY 14004


Contract of Retailer & M.A.E.G. Agreement


  ­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________, an agent and Brand Ambassador for Madison Avenue Entertainment
                        Brand Ambassador Name Here

Group (Herein: M.A.E.G.), agrees to enter into a contract with _________­­­­­­­­___________________________________of

                                                                                                                                Store Owner/Managers Name

_______________________________________ located at _____________________________________, ____________

Name of Store                                                                     Address of Store                                                 City

_______  ___________                         _________________________         _______________________

   State         Zip code                                              Phone Number                                       Email                                     

_____________________________________________ to sell M.A.E.G. products at his/her location of business.


The M.A.E.G. Brand Ambassador will provide the store owner/manager with the agreed upon number of copies of one or more M.A.E.G. products at the retailer price listed below:


Name of product


#of copies

Retailer Price

My Side of the Story – The Investigation – Part I





Puzz Pacino Presents: New York’s Illest





The Writings on My Prison Walls





M.A.E.G. Announces Its Prisoners Services Department







The F.O.C.I.S. Magazine





M.A.E.G. Freelance Assistant Handbook





There’s Something About Attica





Clinton Dannemora





All parties agree that the products are given to the store owner on a consignment basis, meaning: the payment for all products will be collected after the store owner sells the products. If the store owner does not sell the products within 30 days of the signing of this contract, the store owner will return the unsold products to the agent for M.A.E.G. at no cost to the store owner.


__________________________________                                    _______________________________          

Brand Ambassador Signature                                                         Store Owner/Manger Signature


_______________________________                                           ________________________________          

Print Name                                                                                       Print Name


_______________________________                                           ________________________________

Date & Time                                                                                     Date & Time

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