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Black Diamond Travel Agency





                                                                                           Effective: Immediately

ATTENTION: Members of The Incarcerated Community

Subject: Black Diamond Travel Agency

Reason: Announcing a new travel agency for visitors of prisoners


Dear: Members of The Incarcerated Community,


       I am writing to inform you of my new travel agency that provides transportation services for patrons that visit prisoners in New York State Correctional Facilities, among other things. While we provide transportation from the normal destinations The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, etc… to Clinton, Attica, Auburn, etc… we also provide transportation from the hard to reach places such as Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester, Utica, Albany, etc… and depending on the number of visitors that register, we plan to provide services on a daily basis. We also provide room/house rentals via Airbnb for customers that would like to stay overnight to get in that extra visit with their loved ones. We assure that our prices are lower and services are better than other transportation companies or hotels in your visiting areas. We ask that you choose the Black Diamond Travel Agency for your next trip as we not only provide traveling services, but we are also strong supporters of several prisoner’s rights organizations that advocate for prison reform in New York State. We thank you for your support and we look forward to you traveling with us. 



                                                                                                       Black Diamond

                                                                                     -Black Diamond Travel Agency

P.S. Call us, text us or visit our website to book your next visit.

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