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                                                   THE  BLACK ENTREPRENEUR MEDIA GROUP


                                                            THE B.E.M.G Photo Publishing Contract                                             

                                                         PHOTO PUBLISHING CONTRACT PROPOSAL

                                   (Proposing a Photo publishing contract worth more than 2 million dollars!)

                                                                 By: The honorable black entrepreneur


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The Black Entrepreneur Media Group

A subsidiary of Madison Avenue Entertainment Group L.L.C.                                           






Effective: Immediately

Attention: Aspiring Models, Actresses, Singers, Rappers, Exotic Dancers.

Subject: The Black Entrepreneur Media Group photo publishing contract proposal

Reason: proposing a photo publishing contract agreement



Dear aspiring model, actress, singer, rapper and exotic dancer,


Currently I am in the process of building the modeling division of my new company and I requested that my marketing team promote and forward my Photo Publishing Contract Proposal to all aspiring models, actresses, singers, rappers, exotic dancers, etc… that they feel would be a good candidate in pursuing a publishing contract with my company The Black Entrepreneur Media Group. (Herein: B.E.M.G). My name is Nicholas Zimmerman (also known as “The Honorable Black Entrepreneur”) and I am the founder, president and C.E.O of Madison Avenue Entertainment Group, (Herein: M.A.E.G) of which B.E.M.G is a subsidiary. Through my company I produce, manufacture, distribute, market and promote books, music, film, clothing, artwork, media, etc… However, we recently started to get into the business of photo publishing and we are in the midst of creating our first monthly periodical called “Social Media Mami’s”.


Social Media Mami’s will be a collection of photographs of some of the most beautiful women that the internet has to offer. Each month we will publish a book consisting of 100 images of the “Mami” we choose to feature in that issue. Included would also be an interview of our feature-subject which would focus on their educational background, where they’re from, the field of work or business, opinions of our government, etc… The intended purpose of the interview is to let our readers know that although we select our Social Media mami’s based on their size, their shape, and their sexuality, there is also a lot more to them than just a nice body and a pretty face. If our subject has any products or websites they’re currently promoting, we will be sure to highlight that in the book to give them some extra promotion as well.


Therefore, as stated above, my proposal was probably brought to your attention to see if you would be interested in featuring in your very own issue of Social Media Mami’s? Below I explain how I plan to produce, manufacture, market, promote and distribute your book and (of course) how much I intend to pay you. As you will see, there is a potential for a lot of money to be made from your book, but we get out of it what we put into it. So, the more serious we are at getting this project professionally produced, the more revenue we will generate from it. I’m sure of that!

Producing Your Social Media Mami’s Book

As stated previously, if you were referred to my proposal it’s probably because my marketing team has viewed your online profile and found that you were a good prospect for our venture and that your photos would be a perfect fit for our books. Therefore, I would like to use some of the photos that you currently have on your page and, in addition to that, I would need you to take some “concept photos” that would correlate with the theme of the book. (Concept Photos means shots that I direct you to take. For example, poses with you on the phone, etc…) If you have some additional photos of yourself that are not posted online I would ask that you forward them to me so I can look them over to see if any of them can be used in the book.

Once we settle on 100 photos for the book. I will have my graphic designer touch up the images just a bit by adding layers of logos, some designs, and a little airbrush if needed. I will submit my interview questions to you (which are rather lengthy) and upon review if there is any further information I need. I will submit an additional questionnaire for you to answer. Once I have all the information and the questionnaire is complete, I will edit the interview to be placed in the book or I will rewrite the interview into a story / biographical format (based on the information you submitted) and place it into the book. Lastly, once the book is fully edited and complete, I will need you to take some promotional photos standing in front of bookstores, clothing stores, etc… holding books in your hands. There are the shots we will use for flyers, magazine advertisements, internet promotion, etc…

Manufacturing Your Social Media Mami Book

Your photos will be manufactured into a sleek, 4x6 size, full color, glossy coated stock, glue-binded, handheld booklet. Your front cover advertisements will be displayed on the front and back of the book and since all pages of the book are perforated, any inside photos can be easily detached from the binding area for individual showing. We have found that these books are great for selling at nightclubs, beauty salons, etc… as a female can easily fit these small photo holders into a hand-held purse. Likewise, depending on the size of the pants, guys can fit them into a back pocket for carrying. They’re also great for bulk shipments, as you can fit about ten of them into a post office shipping box for only $3.350! And since they don’t take up much shelf space, retail stores have been more willing to carry these smaller photo books over the bigger, clunkier ones.

Distributing Your Social Media Mami Book

I plan to take an independents grassroots approach to distributing this particular product. Of course, I will make your book available for sale through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apply, Bowkers, etc… and people will be able to buy it through all of my company websites and social media pages. However, the internet is cluttered with millions of pretty faces on magazine covers and I feel your project may get lost in the shuffle if we rely on internet distribution alone.

Therefore, I plan to strongly utilize the connections I already have to more than 2000 (and counting…) book, clothing, music and variety stores, barber shops, beauty salons, laundromats, colleges, nightclubs, gas stations, etc… in making your book available in their establishments and to their customers. Distributing directly to all of these smaller types of businesses across America will allow us to showcase our unique books and products straight to the customer without a lot of clutter and outside competition. In other words, we have a better chance at getting their attention if you are the only pretty face on the posters hanging on their walls. And we’ll definitely do BIG in-stores sales numbers if you’re there in person to promote the book, which I’ll explain next.

Marketing & Promoting Your Social Media Mami Book

I have several ways in which I plan to market and promote your book. Some of my promotional plans require your on-scene presence. However, if your schedule prevents you from helping us with marketing the product, I can still handle the advertising aspect of it, but I don’t think it will be the same without you there. I should start off my marketing strategy by telling you that the majority of our customers will be people that are currently incarcerated. They are the biggest supporters of M.A.E.G products and many of the releases we currently have available were created with the prison population in mind.

There are several moral and ethical reasons why we support the prisoners and why they, in return, support us. But the most important is, the prisoners no longer have access to print media like they used to. With all books, magazines, catalogs (and sexy girl publications) now going digital, there is less, and less information, literature and knowledge prisoner can obtain because more than 95% don’t have access to the internet. It will soon get to the point where prisoners will be illiterate to new advances in technology, and upon release, they may resort to crime because they did not have the resources to educate themselves while incarcerated. Therefore, outside of us just putting together a book with some of your sexy photos in it, I wanted to work towards putting together a “project” that had meaning, substance, and relevance to it. Therefore, my strategy is to use your banging body and a pretty face to get the reader’s attention, but once we got ‘em, there is something more important I want them to see!

The movement to end long-term solitary confinement, mass incarceration, prisoner abuse, wrongful convictions, actual innocence cases, prosecutorial misconduct, etc… has been getting its four shares of media attention as of late and significant progress is being made to correct these injustices that have been going on for decades. However, I feel more can be done to bring attention to certain individual cases of injustices that are not being exposed and talked about. Remember I told you that I would need you to take some “concept photos” that would fit the theme of the book? Well, the photos I have in mind are based on shedding light on some important social causes that need the public’s immediate attention and support!

To give you an example of just one of my concept photo ideas, currently, I am trying to get more prisoners to read a book called The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. This book is one of the most powerful manuscripts ever written on mass incarceration, but a lot of prisoners haven’t read it and some never heard of it. So, what I would like to do is have you pose with the book, in a sexual position, while in a bikini. The caption on the photo would say “If I must use my body to get prisoners to wake up and Read the New Jim Crow, then that’s what I’m going to do!” I would use the photo in your book, but also as an advertisement in magazines that would allow prisoners to order the book from MAEG. These types of concept photos and advertisements will not only get the prisoners attention but also the attention of mainstream media (think Good Morning America, CNN, etc…) which is what we’re ultimately after.

Putting aside the social awareness cause of our movement, it would also be smart to advertise to the prisoners from a business and financial aspect. About 230,000 of them are already familiar with the M.A.E.G. Movement and are listed on our company mailing list. This large number of prisoners are strong supporters of our products and they buy a quality and nature of our releases are in some way aimed at educating, bettering or entertaining the prison population. By the time you read this letter, we will have added another 5 to 10,000 prisoners to our mailing list as our popularity in the prisons is constantly growing! Based on how I plan to market and promote your book, I can (almost) guarantee you at least 100,000 sales of your book to just the prisoners alone! (My goal is to sell more than that – somewhere between 250 to 300,000 – but I think 100,000 sold is a more realistic number to look forward to.)

In addition to that, possibly another 100,000 sold through retail outlets, and as for as internet sales are concerned, the possibilities are endless! (There are also other publishing, licensing and advertising deals that I can negotiate with other companies to generate even more revenue from your photos.) I also plan to do a national marketing campaign, complete with ads in XXL magazine, Hip Hop weekly, Straight Stuntin, Don Diva, F.E.D.S., N.Y. Times, U.S.A Today etc… Some radio spots, television ads, flyers, posters, billboards, etc… You can rest assured knowing that the promotion for this project will reach the masses!

Another strategy I had in mind to promote the project was to have you and some staff members from M.A.E.G. visit our listing of retail outlets and distributors to pitch your book to them. This particular type of meet and greet will be much more effective if you were there (in-person) and the pitch was coming directly from you. Retailers love to meet the talent on the front cover of the product and they will support us even more if they knew you personally. We could also set up some in-store interviews where customers would be able to meet you and get autographed copies of your book. Similarly, we could do promotional events at nightclubs and exhibitions which would result in instant, on the spot, sales of your release. This is just an example of some of the ideas I have to market your project. I have about 15-20 additional strategies in which I will promote you, but like I said, some of them would depend on your schedule.

Royalties For Your Social Media Mami Book

Now that I told you how I plan to promote, market, manufacture and distribute your project, let me tell you what I am able to offer you as a royalty on the sales of your book.

Prison Sales: I plan to sell your book for as much as $25.00 within the prison system because a product such as this has more worth and value behind the prison walls. Prisoners tend to resell our books for as high as $50.00 to $200.00 to other prisoners, so they have no problem with the $25.00 price tag. For every book sold in the prison system, you will receive a $5.00 Royalty. From the remaining $20.00 to $5.00 goes to manufacturing and shipping each book to the customer. $10.00 goes to pay for flyers, advertising, posters, billboards, radio and t.v. ads, internet promotion, paying staff and miscellaneous expenses. The final $5.00 that’s left over goes to M.A.E.G as a profit.

Direct Sales: For a direct sale I can offer you a higher royalty of $6.25 per book sold because I don’t have to cover the cost of shipping the book to the customer. With direct sales, you are selling the book directly to the customer, hand to hand. These types of sales occur at exhibitions, colleges, street gathering, etc…

Internet Sales: You will receive $4.00 per internet sale that is made from any of our company websites and $2.25 per internet sale that is made at any of our distributor websites. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, etc…) This is because these major digital distributors require 30-40% of the retail price of any product they sell for us.

So, to get an understanding of how lucrative this can be for you, when we hit the 100,000 sales marks within the prison system you will be entitled to a check for $625,000! If we hit 100,000 internet sales through my company websites, you will get $400,000 and another $225,000 for 100,000 sold through our digital distributors. If we are able to sell another 100,000 through our retail and distributors that, of course, will be additional $225,000 you are owed. So, you’re looking at a $2,000,000 (two million dollar) payout from the sales of your Social Media Mami book and that’s in a worst-case scenario that we only hit our 100,000 sales mark. I truly believe that if we work this project correctly, we will drastically surpass this number, possibly within months, depending on your schedule.

                                        Closing Arguments

So that is my proposal to you for the making of your, Social Media Mami Book. This is a project that I am very passionate about and I hope what I’ve explained here has peaked your interest as well. If everything works out with the first book, I do have plans and ideas for other business ventures we can work on together and they are just as lucrative as my initial proposal. I am currently working with a few aspiring models and video vixens and they have informed me that they are being paid as low as $500.00 per photo shoot and only $1000.00 per video shoot. With the creation of my Social Media Mami Public actions and other similar ventures, I plan to change the status quo on what amateur and experienced models are paid in this industry. I believe that since it is their likeness and beauty that ultimately sells the magazine, book, video, etc… they should be entitled to ongoing royalties from the sale of the product, instead of just a small upfront payment. I know of no other publications that currently offer this, so I believe we will be the first at doing so (and hopefully others will follow.)

Now that I’ve made my arguments to you regarding the production, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and promotion of your book, there is one key factor that I purposely left out of the beginning of this proposal, and I did so because I didn’t want you to judge me by it. Currently, I am incarcerated at Wende Correctional Facility in Alden N.Y., but I felt like had I told you that initially, you would not have even read my business plan L (Unless you’re reading this on my website, then, of course, you would already know where I am.) So, I wanted you to get a feel for my business sense before telling you where I am currently located. I also wanted you to know that my prison cell in no way hinders my passion for being a Black Entrepreneur and, in fact, it only strengthens and enhances it! Below I list for just a few of my accomplishments since I’ve been in prison. Please do not interpret what I am about to state as arrogance I am only listing my credentials so that you can have a better understanding of what I can bring to the table.

Firstly, I will tell you that I am well versed in Criminal, Civil, and Business Law. I have ten years of continuing experiences in all three areas of law. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not reading or practicing some type of litigation. Since my incarceration, I have filed and litigated more than 20 lawsuits, appeals, motions, and/or briefs against the New York State government and its employees. Several Federal and State judges have found my filings to be “articulate”, “on-point” and “game-changing.” Two judges have ruled that I should be held to the standards of a lawyer and I have been successful in making some changes in the Department of Corrections through my litigation.

As for as my advocacy skills, I played an integral role in bringing attention to the abusive effects and overuse of solitary confinement in New York State. An article I wrote entitled  “Recent Changes In The Public’s Perception of Solitary Confinement” as well as investigative reports by the New York State Defenders Association, New York Civil Liberties Union, the Correctional Association of New York and others lead to the forced retirement of the Commissioner of the Department of Corrections and the beginning of the end of long-term solitary confinement in New York.

On a business front, I started Madison Avenue Entertainment Group from my cell in solitary confinement. I was instrumental in getting my first book “My side of the Story -The Investigation Part I” and my album “Puzz Pacino Presents: New York’s Illest” distributed through Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Nobel, Spotify, etc… I did the graphic designs for all of my promotional materials, including the M.A.E.G. flyer, Wow Girl Flyer, Book Flyers and New York Illest Flyer. I did the majority of the writing for our company catalog entitled “Madison Avenue Entertainment Group Announces Its: Prisoners Services Department” and I wrote the M.A.E.G Business Plan for the company, as well as the commercial script for the release of the book and CD. (To learn more visit

As far as what’s next, I have completed the rough draft copy of the “F.O.C.I.S. Magazine” and I am working with my assistants to have it digitally created. My second book “The Writing On My Prison Walls” is done. I am working on a third book entitled “Carter-Luv.” “There’s Something About Attica” and “Recent Changes… Part II” is coming soon. Part II of “My Side of the Story”, which is a six-part series, is a thought in progress. My multi-million-dollar lawsuits are pending against Attica, Auburn and Clinton Correctional Facilities for forming a conspiracy against me to violate my First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech. I am building a serious following on social media which will consist of 66 different social pages for subsidiary companies of M.A.E.G. And, I have built a coalition of writers, poets, artist, rappers, paralegals, etc… in prison in which I will be distributing their works and products under the Madison umbrella. Although this may seem like a lot, trust me, “The M.A.E.G. Movement Has Only Just Begun!” Dominating corporate America is the goal of liberating the people is the mission. Hopefully, you agree with those sentiments.

                                              Final Thoughts

Before I go, I want you to know that although I have a love for business, I have an even greater passion for honesty, loyalty, and respect! I work hard to surround myself (and do business with) like-minded people so I hope you can understand and appreciate that I run my company on transparency so there are no misunderstandings with creativity, direction, finances, etc… In other words, anything you need to know, you can ask. Also, you will receive monthly statements detailing each and every sale of the products, what platform it was sold through, how much it was sold for, etc… and a breakdown showing how many products were created through our manufacturer. Operating like this allows you to see how much money you are owed in royalties and you will receive a check every 30 days based on units sold. I also have an option to make handbags, t-shirts, mugs, pens, jewelry, etc… Based on your likeness and your brand, but we will need to meet for a visit to discuss these additional endeavors in depth. At such time, I would also like to go over your pitch to the retailers and distributors of which I will send to you in advance of the meeting. (Of course, I will pay for your travel expenses.) So, if you’re interested and serious about what I have proposed to you, I am leaving my contact information below. It’s always best that you write to me (directly) but for your convenience, you may send me an email through my website located at If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to raise them in your email/letter. I thank you for your time and attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.




                                                                                                  Nicholas Zimmerman


                                                                                            Wende Correctional Facility

                                                                                                        P.O. Box 1187

                                                                                                      Alden, NY 14004






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