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Puzz Pacino Pen-Pal Letter

Nicholas Zimmerman


Auburn C.F

P.O. Box 618

Auburn, NY 13024

Subject:  Just Stopping by To Introduce Myself

Reason:  Hoping to Be Your Pen-Pal and Friend


Dear Pen Pal:


I asked my Administrative Assistant to promote my introduction letter to people on the outside with hopes of establishing some pen-pal relationships/connections for me.  If you’re not interested in a pen-pal at the moment, or if you have an issue with me being incarcerated, perhaps you could forward my letter to someone else you feel maybe interested in staying in contact with me. However, if you can get past the fact that I am in prison and take a little time to get to know me, I’m sure you will see that the current situation that I’m in does not define me.  Bad things happen to good people and unfortunately that’s my story at the moment.  I am hopeful that my situation will improve in the near future and that I will be released sometime soon.  Until then, I was hoping we can stay in contact through letters, emails  etc.  That would help my situation a great deal.


To give you a brief description of myself, I am six feet tall, about 190 pounds with a medium build.  I guess you can say I am the athletic type, as I played point guard for the Hot 97 Basketball Team before my incarceration.  I work out about three to four times a week and try to eat as healthy as I can.  The practice of good hygiene is important to me, as well as the constant education of the mind, so I am always in search of learning a new subject.  I am looking to teach people new things and I am looking for people to teach me new things.  I consider myself to be an honest, hardworking, outgoing person, who is loyal to people that deserve and have earned my loyalty.  I dream big, but my accomplishments are bigger!  I set out to do things that have never been done, especially when someone tells me I can’t do it.  The Aquarius in me leaves no room for procrastination, so steady progress is imperative.  Even from behind bars, I’m looking at the bigger picture.


Before my incarceration, I was in the music business and I released an independent Hip-Hop album entitled Puzz Pacino Presents: New York’s Illest.  The album is a compilation of songs from local artists such as Boe & Villa, Pepci, Thi-lai, Kira Scott, as well as multi-platinum recording artist Soul 4 Real.  I also appear on the album under the name “Puzz Pacino” and you can view my video, as well as other videos from the album by going to my websites located at:, FREENicholasZimmerman,, and You can learn more about the New York’s Illest crew, and my thought process in executive producing the album, by reading an article by award-winning journalist, Nedra James entitled “New York’s Illest Releases Independent Hip-Hop Album to Help Free Their Innocent Comrade!” See:


I recently re-released the album and it is now available for sale on:  

 I am promoting the album in an attempt to bring awareness to my situation and to raise the funds needed to hire a legal defense team to represent my case in court, so I would appreciate if you can purchase a copy of the album and get others to support it as well. 


In addition to the album, I also have a book out entitled “My Side of The Story-The Investigation-Part I.” (see:, and I stand as co-author of the book, along with investigative journalist, Kendra Lyneigh Hughes.  The book exposes the corruption in my first case (a gun possession charge in which no gun was ever recovered in the case and the complaining witness has repeatedly insisted that she was forced to implicate me in the case) and The F.O.C.I.S. Movement (Families Oppressed by the Criminal Injustice System) which is an advocacy program I started for prisoners that are innocent or wrongfully convicted.  You can learn more about the movement by visiting


the coercion and injustice in my second case (an alleged escape attempt at Sing Sing Correctional Facility, where witnesses were literally held in jail until they agreed to testify that they broke into Sing Sing to find me and help me escape).  Kendra and I wrote this book in order to get public support for my situation and to raise funds for my legal support team.  I also donate some of the funds from the Book/CD to

Although I am in prison, I have managed to use my time wisely.  I have ten years of experience as a paralegal and have been involved in more than ten lawsuits or federal appeals that seek to change unconstitutional correctional policies.  I am also a member of C.A.I.C. (pronounced “cake”) which is a movement enacted by Scott Paltrowitz and Five Mualimmak of the Correctional Association of New York that aims to stop the overuse of Solitary Confinement in New York and the rest of the Country.  (see  I am also advocating for change to a New York Correctional regulation that prevents prisoners from running a business, as this rule was illegally used against me and ultimately led to me doing 7½ years in solitary confinement (see my exposé “Recent Changes In The Public’s Perception of Solitary Confinement” See:, and lastly, through the help of my family, I launched Madison Avenue Entertainment Group, which is a corporation that helps prisoners get their books published, songs recorded, legal motions drafted, etc.  So as you see, I am trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation.


In terms of the type of pen-pals I’m looking for, I’m really just looking to exchange a few emails and letters with people about current events, religion, politics, race matters, social justice, etc.  Letters from my female friends about what’s going on in their personal lives, as far as school, work, etc. are always the best, but I’m also looking forward to hearing from my homies about what’s going on in the hoods across America.  So basically, I’m looking to build with anyone that’s willing to build with me.  Racial limitations only stagnate progress, so the color of your skin is irrelevant to me.  What’s important is what’s in your heart and mind!  Also, I’m always looking for people to assist me with the numerous business ventures I have initiated on the outside, so maybe we can work together?  I’m not looking for anything for free and many of my endeavors are lucrative for all parties, so if you’re interested, just let me know, and I’ll explain more, okay.  I respond to all letters and emails I receive, so if you write me, I’ll write you back for sure!


So that’s all for my introduction letter.  I hope that I have made a good first impression with you.  I’m looking forward to our contacts leading to a long-term friendship.  If you like, you may enclose a picture or card with your letter.  I know that it’s not every day that a person on the outside takes the time to respond to a prisoner letter, so just know that I will not take it for granted and will appreciate your correspondence.  If you don’t have time to write me, but you know someone who does, you may pass my letter on to them, okay.  Before I go, I ask for one small request.  As you know, “awareness ends injustice” and I am trying to bring as much awareness to my situation as possible, so I would appreciate if you can tell your friends and family about my website, book, CD, etc.  It would be most helpful!





                                                                        Nicholas Zimmerman

                                                                                     (a.k.a. Puzz Pacino)

                                                         (a.k.a The Honorable Black Entrepreneur)


P.S.  For your convenience, you can send me emails and photos through my page at  Just look for the button next

 on my photo.


To learn more about Madison Avenue Entertainment Group and how you can assist me with the company, please visit 

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