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Nicholas Zimmerman speaks of the status of Coronavirus/Covid-19 in New York State Prisons

The Corona Virus Bi-Weekly : Part 1
Nicholas Zimmerman speaks on the state of the corona virus and
request that Governor Andrew Cuomo and Commissioner Anthony
Annucci implement immediate life - saving changes ! Read It Now!(click here)

Play It Now! (Click Video Below)







The Corona Virus Bi-Weekly : Part 2
Nicholas Zimmerman gives an update on the virus in New York
State prisons and advocates for prisoners to be allowed to wear
protective face coverings. Read It Now! (Click here) Play It Now! (Click Video Below)

Agency's and advocates contacts mentioned in recording:

Governor Cuomo's Office:

The Honorable Governor Andrew M Cuomo

NYS Capital Building 

Albany NY 12224


NYS DOCCS Comissioner

Anthony Annucci

Harriman State Campus 

1220 Washington Avenue

Albany, NY 12226

Assistant Nancy Stuehl



DOCCS Office of Special Investigations - Intake Unit

Harriman State Office Campus

1220 Washington Avenue

Albany, NY 12226


Contact: Posha Jenson



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and phone calls, Solitary Confinement, WiFi in Prison, Emails in Prison, Video Chat in Prison, Facetime in Prison, Convert Solitary Confinement to long-term Keeplock, Mental Health in Prison, Suicide In prison.

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